The parents' holiday the kingdom of children

Look at the list of services, they are ALL included in the All Inclusive Experience Vacation


All day long at all hours quench your summer desire


  • Energy drink Mix of self-service drinks.
  • Soft Drink Self-service dispensers of natural and sparkling water, soda, orange soda, tea and lemonade.
  • Coffee bar Coffee, cappuccino, decaffeinated coffee, milk and barley coffee.
  • Vegan Drink. Self-service drinks mix with fruit and vegetable mix with ginger.
  • Tisanito - An alternative to the usual coffee! 24h distributor in the bars of hot herbal teas.
  • Fruit drink. Self-service dispenser of fruit juices.
  • Free alcohol only adults. Self-service dispensers of white sparkling wine, red wine, beer. Homemade tonic liquors and grappa available at the bar.
  • Free ice self-service dispenser of colorfree snowcones.
  • Free ice-cream self-service dispenser of chocolate and vanilla ice-cream.
  • Free ice-yogurt natural yogurt always available at the bar.


All day long at all hours feed your summer desire


  • Lo Spuntino di Fabino sweet or savory snack with our mascot Fabino
  • All inclusive buffet for Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Pop Corn h24 self-service dispenser always available 
  • Nachos caldi h24 self-service dispenser always available
  • Kioskino with meat, vegan and fish burgers, french fries, fresh fruit and vegetable and cereal salads.
  • Continental breakfast crêpes and omelette freshly made and stuffed, homemade desserts, pancakes and french toasts.
  • Live Cooking restaurant and pizzeria  quality buffets of starters, vegetables, main course, second course and side dishes 
  • Free Sweet lemon and coffee sorbets, artesanal icecream, buffet of homemade desserts from our pastr
  • Gnammy” Kids Buffet children can have lunch and dinner with the animation team 
  • Spuntino Sogni d'oro - From 22 till 24 buffet with bisquits, hot milk, chamomile and infusions
  • Donuts Party
  • Fruit Caramel


Absolute Fun for all ages
  • Castles and Swings on the beach
  • Soft Room inside safe area with soft games and mechanical panels for Babys from 2 to 5 years
  • Esport Challenge also arrives in fabilia! Lots of tournaments and challenges for endless fun
  • Nursery Room dedicated to Minions from 0 months 2 years
  • Playground Room for all age groups
  • Assistants and Educators for children and teenagers, with a program of recreational activities, sports and other activities, all day at the hotel.
  • Mary Poppins Tate specialized in pedagogical assistance and dedicated to care for small puppies from 6 months to 3 years every day (except Saturday)
  • Fabilandia program divided by age groups: Minions (0-2 years), Babys (2-5 years), Juniores (6-11 years) Teenangers (12-16)
  • Baby Dance
  • Drone Lab
  • The Fairy Tale of Good Night
  • Fabilab Attack school of laboratories for children in the Hotel
  • The Little Mermaid the "mermaiding" sport of the moment arrives in fabilia! Dive into the pool and learn swimming techniques like a real little mermaid
  • Splahground more fun to slide and dive into the pool in complete safety


To complete your holiday
  • Pool with water heated up to 28 °
  • Beach service at 100m, 2 beach towels supplied + 2 cots + 1 umbrella from the third row (1st, 2nd and 3rd row with supplement).
  • Area Mamma small kitchen equipped with vegetable broth or meat, vegetable soups, cheese, parmesan, microwave, blenders and stoves with cutlery to prepare meals in peace at all hours
  • Self Service Laundry
  • Pediatric assistance 1 time per week at set time, or on request
  • Free Wifi throughout the Family Hotel
  • Luggage storage
  • Bicycles available with or without seats until sold out
  • Strollers available until exhaustion
  • Internal parking fee 10€ per day subject to availability


Do you have any plans for this evening?
  • Special Sweet "DONUTS PARTY" theme party with colorful donuts
  • Special Sweet "CARAMEL FRUIT" theme party with freshly caramelled fruits 
  • Merendino Snack Box: Take what you want from the buffet and bring it anywhere with you want. Also includes a bottle carrier 
  • Bicchierino: To avoid plastic waste we created this foldable cup. You can use it any dispenser 
  • Drink Bottle: This latest generation 70 ml thermos will mantain the temperature of your drinks. You can use it in any dispenser 
  • PuppIce: Useful straw glass to taste our snowcone anywhere you want 
  • Backpack: it will keep safe your snack box and your drink bottle

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